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Jody is a clairvoyant psychic medium with the unique ability to not only communicate with your Angels, but also with family and friends who have crossed to the heavenly side

Jody has been giving spiritual guidance in the live and online community for over 20 years now; including being a senior reader on such sites as Global Having studied intensely within the spiritual community of LilyDale, New York, Jody Fox is also a certified reiki healer. 

Jody was born with the gift of second sight, which means she feels, sees, and hears Angels and Spirits. Jody has even given guidance to children who were born with the gift. She gives them spiritual guidance and shows them that their abilities are truly a gift and that they have nothing to fear. Come join Jody Fox and visit the Angelic realm and Spirit world in order to receive messages of love and guidance from your Angels, loved ones, and guides. Jody will connect to the Angels who walk with you daily. She will likewise connect you to your loved ones who now walk on the heavenly side.

Jody Fox is an intuitive medium who also does grief therapy; helping families of those passed whether it be natural or a tragic death to deal with their loss. Aside from powerful readings, Jody also performs home cleansings. This is when a home owner will call upon her to investigate spirit activity in there home. A team of investigators will join Jody to find out who the energy is. Homeowners are finally able to live in peace and tranquility.

Be sure to check out our FREE Mini Psychic Chat Readings. Every Wednesday night between 9-11pm EST. Have 1-2 questions briefly answered by Jody & Lisa! PLEASE NOTE: Site members receive 2 free mini chat readings each month. Non-members are able to receive 1 free mini chat reading per month.

NEW AND NOW AVAILABLE!!! Special TEAM psychic readings are now available for your ordering pleasure. Have BOTH Jody and Lisa perform a psychic reading on your situation. More information and ordering instructions for this special type of psychic reading can be found HERE.

NEW AND NOW AVAILABLE!!! Special GROUP or PARTY Psychic Chat Readings!! Having a bridal shower, Halloween party, birthday party, etc? Bring all of your guests to us in our chat room for their own special psychic reading! Chat parties must have a minimum of 8 people - maximum of 30. You can request Lisa, Jody or BOTH of them! All readings are confidential - each psychic reading is held in a private room off from the main lobby. Please contact Lisa Caza or Jody Fox for full details and a customized group rate. Yet another new wonderfully unique service that is not offered on ANY other psychic website! 

Welcome to Our Spiritual Psychic Space on the Web

Where spiritual guidance, personal growth and psychic empowerment are in abundance

Mission statement

Our mission and presence here on the Internet is to provide individuals with the most ethical, compassionate, accurately detailed psychic readings at the lowest possible cost. There are TOO MANY unethically-practicing psychics out there - psychic predators to the innocent and devoted. We do not believe in going after a person's wallet - it isn't ALL about the money! For us, it is being able to help those in true need. To see just one person benefit from our work, to witness someone else's personal growth and empowerment, to be able to help someone else find direction or realize their purpose and true path ... that is what we thrive on most.

We Offer Different Types of Psychic Readings: Here within OUR Spiritual Space on the Web, we offer Angel Readings, Channeling, Spirit Guide Readings, and Psychic Love and/or Relationship Readings. We have both live on-line chat psychic readings as well as email psychic readings that are delivered directly to your in-box. 

We hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy providing it for you. Content is always fresh here in our spiritual space; many new and interesting widgets, articles, web store, and available psychic readings will be appearing so please check back frequently!

Brightest of Blessings to you all!

With much love, Jody 

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