Awakened Spirits Offers intuitive and accurate readings by a PROFESSIONAL SPIRITUAL ADVISOR.

Empathic readings will help give you insight regarding love and relationships and Family issues based on the emotional energies of yourself and those you are closely involved with.

Runes Oracles will give you specific advice on your personal issues. Runes can provide a very accurate source of confirmation.

Angel Cards will give you insight with matters concerning your own inner spirit and those closely involved. (Archangel, Healing angels, and Messenger angels Designed by DR. Doreen Virtue)

Dream interpretations are done by both empathic(emotional) suggestion and symbolism.

Basic psychic readings with Tarot cards by request. Detailed readings by appointment only.

Let awakened spirit Rob help you awaken your own spirit with professional spiritual advice. Non-denominational Licensed Evangelist and Certified Spiritualist Clergy certificates ensures insight in a wide variety of religions and beliefs.

Many well known text references in the art of crystal, metal, and gem properties in a metaphysical enviroment to help you with Grounding and cleansing your own inner spirit.

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awakened spirits' Animal Rescue Project

Recent events with the devastation of hurricane Katrina has left hundreds of animals homeless and families are refusing to leave in fear of the thought of leaving their animals behind. The need for animal sheltering and care grows more desperate every day.

This problem was also apparent in Florida in 2004 when 3 hurricanes destroyed or damaged homes and displaced families. Pets and animals had no place to go because shelters and many rental homes do not allow pets. It is our mission to provide a stable and safe place for displaced pets, either finding new homes for them, or caring for them until their families are recovered from their losses and can be reunited with their beloved pets.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We are not able to provide extensive care for so many animals without help. Adequate land and foster homes are needed RIGHT NOW!! Each day that this tragedy goes unnoticed more families lose their pets, or even their own lives trying to care for them while remaining in a potentially dangerous enviroment (because theres no one to promise them their pets will be properly cared for). If only they could find SOMEONE willing to care for their animals until they rebuild or relocate; even if it took years.

So again, we must turn to the goodness of others, which time after time our good natured selves provide answers and results to those in desperate need. Every little bit helps, and if you cannot help us directly,, maybe you can volunteer to house someones pet and give foster care to one of thousands of misplaced or lost animals suffereing from the aftermath of the Hurricane. Contact your local animal rescue center or email us and we will help you find ways you can contribute to this worthy cause..

Our love for all life on Earth has inspired my wife and myself to begin a new community project that will give lost, hurt, or unwanted animals a place to live out their natural lives in a loving and caring atmosphere. We intend to offer any animal that is in need of care a safe place to live and the hope of finding a new home with a loving family.

We are now in the process of building an Animal Rescue Center outside the area of Charlotte, North Carolina . We are trying to raise $60,000.00 for the purchase of the necessary equipment and land. We are planning on having the support of the local community and other Rescue Centers throughout the United States.

Since this will be a non-profit, community project we are relying heavily on donations and supplies from businesses and individuals. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please contact us by e-mail or you can donate funds through our certified pay-pal account.